TN-based Ayura Origins launches insulin tea powder for diabetics

Chennai: Ayura Origins, a Gour Agro Products brand, has launched the Insulin Tea Powder, its first, indigenously developed product that according to the brand, will reverse the effects of type-2 diabetes.

The homegrown brand from Tamilnadu said in a release that the product is priced at Rs 975 for a 150 gm pack (one-month dosage).

“The Costus Igneus Insulin Tea has been in the making for some time now; we wanted to be amply sure about its efficacy and, hence, carried out a focused sampling exercise amongst people we personally knew to have type-2 diabetes. The results were quite impressive where blood sugar levels showed a significant drop and continued to remain in control for longer periods. When a monitored intake of the powder, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, was continued for a period of one year, we found that the blood sugar levels had stabilised and continued to remain in the desired levels of a non-diabetic person,” said director, Gour Agro Products Pvt Ltd, Manu Gour.

The product can be purchased online and is also available exclusively on Amazon India.

NT Bureau