Effective blogging and social media presence matters for any career

While recruiting a new candidate, companies often check for academic performance, seminars and workshops s/he took part in and other ‘usual ingredients’ that make up a perfect resume. However in this digital age, there are other ways for a person to secure a job and increase his/her chances for better opportunities by harnessing the power of social media and blogging. In this article, NewsToday explains in brief about methods you can follow to build a strong digital presence to enhance your career.

* Why blogging?
Blogging is one of the most easiest and cheapest options to consider if you wish to grow your network. A blog literally acts as your digital portfolio where you can write articles, upload videos or podcasts on whatever you are passionate about. Several people have found success in their professional lives thanks to creating a simple personal blog.

There are numerous stories of full-time working professionals who use blog as a means of passive income. Many free online classes teach nuggets of blogging which is enough to get you started. According to SEO Tribunal, companies who blog receive 97 per cent more links to their website. Thus, a candidate with blogging skills makes his/her job application stand apart.

* Start soon
With right plan, creating a blog while in college increases your chances of recruitment triple fold. So, learning the basics of blogging and digital marketing from the Internet would be a wise choice. Sharing your passion through a blog is a great move as it literally shows your dedication to grow you career.

* Content is king
Let’s imagine you are an engineering student (and secretly hoping to be the next Tony Stark). You can use your blog to write about your passion for engineering, write posts about your semester project, interview engineers who work in top core companies, share interesting articles, videos or podcasts you come across the internet.

By the time you head to your next interview, you can talk to your potential employers about your blog and explain how passionate you are. Like a fashion designer showing her design portfolio, you can use your blog as a proof to tell recruiters, ‘I’m passionate and excited about engineering’.

* Timeless
Now, let’s imagine that you are a doctor. In your blog, you can write health articles, interview your family doctor, ask them for tips that helped them reach success in their career. You can compile such interviews and publish them on your blog. This will help you reach out more people.

* Share for care
Publishing meaningful content on your blog and on social media will help a person to increase his/her chances for wider opportunities. In an era where we literally thrive and depend on the Internet, using this powerful tech in our favour matters more than ever. Also, it is important to only share content that are worth reading and can also impact the lives of others in a positive way.

Mohammed Rayaan