Prince of Arcot greets PM Modi

Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali

Chennai: The Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, extended his greetings to Narendra Modi, on his being sworn-in, as Prime Minister of India, for the second consecutive term, Thursday.

He also extended his greetings to the entire Cabinet Ministers for their successful tenure of office, a press release said.

The Prince of Arcot expressed hope that Modi-led government at the Centre will bring a positive change by improving socio-economic status of the country, and the Prime Minister’s recent statement, on the ‘challenge’ of winning minority communities “faith, trust and support,” would build a real New India, in the 21st century, under the theme, “India his one, Indians are one.”

With his dynamic vision and strong mission for the development of the nation, Modi and his government should involve the minority communities in nation-building, along with majority community together, which would go a long way for the stability and progress of the country, in an atmosphere of peace and harmony for all citizens, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, the Prince of Arcot said.

India Hajj Association president Abu Bakar also extended his greeting to Modi for assuming office for second time.

In a statement, he said the BJP has won a big victory in the recently held Lok Sabha elections. “We have faith on the Prime Minister for safeguarding the interest of minorities in the country,” he said.

NT Bureau