Should he resign?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has reportedly tendered his resignation as party chief following the debacle in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha elections. The grand old party managed just 52 seats. They ended up zero in 17 States and even Rahul Gandhi lost in Amethi, considered to be his bastion. However, he won in Wayanad with a huge margin.

Though Rahul is adamant on quitting his post after the elections that saw the NDA, led by the BJP, assuming office for the second time, several leaders in the party want him to reconsider his decision. Rahul offered to step down while the Congress Working Committee rejected it. They say that many do not realise during times of success that it is the very same family that fetched victories for the Congress. But Rahul is determined that his family should distance itself from the party leadership.

Meanwhile, the DMK, the southern ally of the Congress, has come to the defence of Rahul. The DMK said he understood the difference in mindset between the southern and northern States. Rahul transcended. To be very precise, Rahul Gandhi reflected the thoughts (liberal ideological stand) of Jawaharlal Nehru. Rahul is the strong brick for building the fort of Congress and it is more strong than a mountain of sand, it said. Even Rajinikanth said Rahul should continue. Let’s wait and see what he decides.

NT Bureau