Jeevan’s next is a sci-fi thriller

Thiruttu Payalae fame Jeevan’s is back after a break. He would be part of a sci-fi thriller to be helmed by newcomer GK titled Asariri.

To be produced by IB Karthikeyan of Big Print Pictures, the movie will speak about technical advancement laced with human emotions

Filmmaker GK says, “Asariri is a sci-fi thriller crafted with the pattern of giving a novel-reading experience. It will have the references of our epical mythological tales, which are ethnically inherent to our culture and how it’s connected to the present technological world. More than all, it focuses on how ‘science’ creates an emotional struggle among a family.”

Talking about actor Jeevan who plays the lead role, GK says, “He has been too choosy over the scripts and has never been in a hurry. In fact, we were little doubtful whether he would take up this project. Being a technology geek himself, he loved the script and instantly gave a nod. I can assure that it will be completely different from what he had done so far.” I Maruthanayagam, who worked with Nirav Shah and Saravanan, cranks the camera.

NT Bureau