Maintenance work to disrupt Chennai suburban rail services

Chennai: With line block permitted in Chennai Egmore-Villupuram section between Pallavaram and Tambaram stations for ballast cleaning machines working on down suburban line 5 June, Southern Railway has decided to cancel a few trains.

According to a press release, train (40421) Chennai Beach-Tambaram EMU local, leaving Chennai Beach at 11.59 pm 5 June, is fully cancelled, as also train (40422) Tambaram – Chennai Beach EMU local leaving Tambaram at 11.30 pm 5 June.

Likewise, line block and power block have also been permitted in the Chennai – Arakkonam section between Thiruninravur and Tiruvallur at Vepampattu Railway Station Yard on up and down and fast lines on 4, 5, 6 and 7 June to felicitate the construction of passenger subway.

As a result, Southern Railway has cancelled a few trains from 4 to 7 June. Train (43251, 43437, 43253, 66005) MMC-Tiruvallur, Arakkonam, Tiruvallur and Avadi EMU local leaving MMC at 8.55 pm, 9.15 pm, 9.40 pm and 9.50 pm respectively are cancelled.

Trains (43025, 43439, 43255, 66009, 43257) MMC – Avadi, Arakkonam, Tiruvallur, Arakkonam and Tiruvallur EMU local leaving MMC at 10 pm, 10.10 pm, 11.10 pm, 11.45 pm and 11.45 pm, are cancelled.

Trains (43428, 43436, 43438) Arakkonam-MMC EMU local, leaving Arakkonam at 6.55 pm, 9.25 pm and 9.55 pm, are cancelled. Trains (43258, 43260) Tiruvallur – MMC EMU local, leaving Arakkonam and Tiruvallur at 8.50 pm and 9.55 pm, trains (43260) Tiruvallur – Avadi EMU local, leaving Tiruvallur at 10.10 pm, train (43520) Tiruttani – MMC EMU local leaving Tiruttani at 9.45 pm, train (43661) Chennai Beach-Avadi EMU local, leaving at 9.45 pm are cancelled.


In lieu of the cancelled trains, passenger specials in the section will be operated. On 4, 5, 6 and 7 June, there will be two passenger specials from MMC to Avadi at 10.10 pm and 10.15 pm and two passenger specials from MMC to Arakkonam at 11.45 pm & 11.50 pm and one passenger special from Velacheri to Avadi at 9.05 pm and one passenger special from MMC to Tiruvallur at 11.55 pm.

In the return direction, there will be one passenger special from Tiruvallur to Avadi at 10.55 pm and one from Tiruttani to MMC at 10 pm and one from Arakkonam to MMC at 10.10 pm. These passengers specials will run on the fast line between Arakkonam- Tiruvallur stations and, hence, will not stop at Senji Panambakkam, the release said.

Mohammed Rayaan