Indians spent Rs 8.3K crore touring Oz last year

Nishant Kashikar

Chennai: Tourism Australia recently launched a new bespoke tourism model called ‘UnDiscover Australia’ in India and South East Asia which aims at challenging the perceptions and stereotypes of what Australia offers as a tourism destination by showcasing unusual, unfamiliar and unexpected attractions and experiences.

Nishant Kashikar, country manager of India and Gulf for Tourism Australia, speaking with News Today says, “Tourism Australia’s campaign ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ comes in four iterations with ‘UnDiscover Australia’ being the latest after Halo, Restaurant Australia and Aquatic and Coastal Experiences. UnDiscover Australia aims to falsify the myths and to show the world that Australia is so much more than just Kangaroos, beaches and big cities.”

“Australia is a destination that has everything for everyone. We have parasailing, scuba-diving, bungee-jumping, skydiving, trekking, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming with the sea lions and the whales for the youth to splurge upon. For the kids, we have the koala and kangaroos and all other exotic species which are unique to and not found anywhere else in the world. The Red Centre, The Field of Light, the historical monuments, the mountain ranges and the stunning beaches, the culture, and the food will be a handful for the elderly to seek peace,” says Nishant.

In 2018, 18 per cent of Indian arrivals grew in Australia. Over 357,700 Indians made their way to the land down under and made their presence felt by spending about 1.7 billion Australian dollars (approx Rs 8,300 crore) on their trips.

“Our promotions on television and social media with other digital mediums under the digital ecosystem has helped us reach the target audience which has helped us put these numbers on the table. We will be working hand-in-hand with the travel agencies and airlines to provide offers to allow us invite more people from all around the world to our Incredible Australia.”

On future plans, Nishant says, “Initial results of this campaign have been really positive and we plan to invest and build on this particular campaign. ICC T20 World Cup 2020 in Australia will be very crucial for us with people pouring in from every cricketing nation, especially India. We will continue to team up with Parineeti Chopra, Harsha Bhogle, Sanjeev Kapoor and we intend to work with local travel agencies, celebrities, bloggers and Youtubers to promote Tourism Australia.”

Article by Harikrishna S

NT Bureau