Fashion tips to avoid frizzy hair and flaky scalp

Summer is still upon us and if I’m not wrong, the weather has not spared even our hair. While this is the season we try to escape from the hometown to scenic and picturesque locations, ultimately, the weather takes a toll on our tresses.

Dry, frizzy hair and oily, flaky scalp are common during summer. Good hair days become once-in-a-Blue Moon affair and ruing about uncontrollable tresses become an everyday affair. Here is a listicle from us for better hair care.


Many beat the heat by hitting the pool, but the next time you take a dive, take measures to protect your hair. Pools, these days, are laden with chlorine to ensure the water stays pure, at least in chemical terms. However, the substance and the blazing sun damage the hair, leaving it dry, porous and brittle. If you have coloured it, the hair becomes prone to more damage. Experts suggest wearing a cap before plunging into the pool or run your hair under tap water to avoid soaking up in bucket loads of chlorine and wash with shampoo and conditioner soon after coming out to remove dirt and impurities.


The hot and humid weather, anyway leaves the hair frizzy even if you don’t do anything. But girls with curls, you bear the maximum brunt and I can hear you fussing and fuming now. Using the right products to condition the hair and prevent damage is essential. Be it natural or branded creams, be doubly sure it suits your hair and does not end up in making your curls worse.


Chennai is synonymous with Marina, Bessy and other beaches along the ECR. If you are someone who often goes to the beach, sit by the shore and relax under the moonlight, hear me, people, it comes with a heavy cost. The salty breeze dries out the moisture and makes your tresses crimped and dry. Treat your hair with pre-shampoo conditioner, apply a leave-in cream and give an extra coating of SPF lotion to prevent UV damage before taking a plunge into the ocean.


While the weather impacts your knots, choosing the wrong products and not conditioning results in flaky scalp. See a dry shampoo lying on the rack? Get rid of it and prefer the ones that moisturise the hair that does not contain sulfate or PPD. Many of us prefer taking hair bath multiple times a week, but I must tell you, applying shampoo too often ends up drying your scalp. Hit the shower less often with less shampoo.

Happy hair care!

Bhavani Prabhakar