Make ’em better citizens

A recent study, which explores how the personalities of Asian millennial parents define learning for their children, has revealed that parents in India believe a mix of digital and experiential learning is best in making their wards future-ready. Titled ‘New Asian Learning Experience Study’, the survey by HP finds that 22.7 per cent of respondent parents in India are extremely concerned about their children’s future. Of all parents in Asia, they are ready to make the broadest range of sacrifices to ensure the right skilling of their kids for future jobs.

These sacrifices entail investments made in tuition, moving homes and family abroad, borrowing money / taking loans and sending children abroad. While parents in India believe that digital technology can expose their children to new cultures and ideas, they also believe that such exposure should be closely monitored and moderated. The impact of experiential learning is complementary to digital learning as it provides knowledge along with the idea of implementation which aids in the overall development of children.

They further say that the print medium of learning aids reading comprehension and duration while digital learning facilitates creative and critical thinking along with retention. More than half of the parents in India believe that their children will perform better through a holistic mix of digital and experiential learning. A majority of parents in India are making efforts towards the overall development and skilling of their children contrary to the emphasis on academic and financial development in the past. But, more than anything else, making today’s children responsible citizens of tomorrow by teaching them values, is important.

NT Bureau