All you need to know about the eccentric Bohemian fashion

Effortless, relaxed, and artistic are a few adjectives that define the heart and soul of Bohemian fashion. The mishmash of colours, different geometric shapes and casual accessories make the Boho fashion stand out in the crowd. What started out to be a counter-culture movement back in the 19th century, has now evolved into an aesthetic culture that fits the essence of summer.

The Hippie Culture of the 1960s brought a new meaning to Bohemian fashion as people preferred to divert themselves from the mainstream, conventional lifestyles. Naturally, ethnic fashion, embroideries, mixed prints, asymmetrical patterns became vogue. The biggest advantage and beauty about Boho Fashion is that you can mix and match anything and everything, right from clothes to accessories. Layering and adding zest to the ensembles is the key to nailing the Bohemian fashion aesthetic.

Here are some basic style guide to keep in mind

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Boho fashion, but hues that define it are warm earthy colours and also metallic, jewel tones. Deep greens, browns and grays are used for base colours, which are then layered on top with bright saturated tones like purple, fiery orange and electric blue. Include neutrals, pastels, as well as rich hues and avoid artificial, neon colors, as well as highly saturated garments.

Bohemian fashion embraces the philosophy of ‘More is more’ and is the opposite of minimalism, and sleek fashion trends. Fringe, crochet, and macrame abound clothes make up this aesthetic. Pair fun, flowy summer dresses with jean jackets, hats, scarves and colourful capes. The idea is to keep it chic by combining oversized pieces with tailored, fitted clothes. If the attire looks very heavy than normal, it is important to take one layer off.

Patterns and materials
This summer embellish your chic-look with ikkat, floral and animal patterns. The patterns speak for themselves. Some of these patterns mirror the cultural styles of Morocco, Persia, India and even Africa and Turkey. Materials like lace, crotchet, leather and denim are the most common ones used in Boho aesthetic.

Long skirts, short dresses and maxis scream boho-chic. The harem pants or the hippie- pants supposedly defined the fashion. It is vital to choose sleeves like bell or trumpet style to accentuate the look. V-necklines add a bit of authenticity to the look. Flared silhouettes are usually preferred over perfectly- fitted clothes. Bell-bottoms pants and torn jeans are the go-to bottoms used for boho look.

Bohemian designs incorporate natural materials and naturally recurring shades and designs and as a result, the accessories used are inspired by rustic art along with ethnic, folk patterns. The iconic boho accessory is the fringe bag that is captured by almost every other celebrity.

The second must-have is the gladiator sandal, embellished with pom-poms and tassels. Belts, bandanas, oxidized jewelry, feathers and colourful crystals are always preferred and in-style throughout the season. A plethora of cape-like shawls, top hats, circle sunglasses, winged out sleeves and flared pants, plus flower power patterns galore define Bohemian fashion.

So bring out your inner divas by dressing in the most aesthetically pleasing style. Keep in mind that the Bohemian style tends to be eclectic and out-of-the-box.

(The article is wrriten by SADAKSHI K R)

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