Sivasakthi Vinayagar temple at Mandaveli is special for auto drivers

Chennai: Om Sri Sivasakthi Vinayagar Temple, located in the junction where South Canal Bank Road and the Ramakrishna Math Road meet, was built by residents. Situated in Mandaveli,  the temple was built by residents of the locality and the auto drivers.

Speaking about this Narayana Swami, the temple priest says, “The Vinayagar idol was worshipped by the people for many years and it was only during the late 1970s, the temple construction began. Sanctums for Sivasakthi Vinayagar, apart from Subramaniar Swami, Arunachaleshwarar and Ellaiamman were built and the temple was ready in the year 1978. The first Mahakumbhabhishekam was held in the same year. During 1987, the second kumbhabhishekam was performed and the third and fourth kumbhabhishekam was done during the year 2001 and 2013,” he said.

The temple is constructed in the corner alongside the turning from Ramakrishna Mutt road to South Canal Bank Road. The temple is bigger in its breadth than the length and while one half of the temple is present in R K Mutt Road, the other half is present in South Canal Bank Road.

The main deity of the temple, Sivasakthi Vinayagar is present in the South Canal Bank Road facing South West direction, adjacent to it is a separate sanctum for Lord Subramaniar. Facing RK Mutt Road is a separate sanctum for Goddess Ellaiamman, who can be seen in the sitting posture, facing west. Upon entering, behind the sanctum of the goddess, Lord Anjaneyar is present facing Venkatachalapathy.

Om Sri Sivasakthi Vinayagar Temple

On the right wall of the sanctum, Goddess Saraswathi’s idol is placed. On the left side of the Goddess sanctum, Lord Arunachaleshwarar is present in the linga form alongside Goddess Abithakujalambal. Adjacent to it on the left side is the Navagraham. Lord Dakshinamoorthy is present on the right side.

“The speciality of the temple is that in no other temple, the main deity faces south west. Here, it has happened naturally and worshipping the Sakthi Vinayagar will help us let go of all the fears that we have and give us Sakthi (strength),” says the temple priest.

He adds, “Another speciality is the presence of Goddess Saraswathi, which is a rarity. Worshipping the deity will help enhance learning, especially for students.”

“During Sankadahara Chaturthi and Pradosham, special abhishekam is done to Lord Vinayaga and Lord Shiva. Vinayaga Chathurthi is celebrated for for 10 days and special abhishekam will be done to the deity in the morning and in the evening santhanakappu decoration. On the tenth day, the deity will be taken for a procession. For six days Kandhashasti Peruvizha will take place during which special abhishekam will be done to Lord Subramaniar and Latcharchanai Mahotsavam will also take place during that time,” says the priest.

The temple is open every day from 7 am to 10 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm. The temple priest can be reached at 9500088002/9840119835/9790932554

Aaditya Anand M