Activist Vatal Nagaraj warns of stir against comments on Mahatma Gandhi

Bengaluru: “In the recent past we are hearing derogatory statements against Mahatma Gandhi. I caution them that KCVP will carry out a vehement agitation if any one insults Mahatma Gandhi, opposes his statues, or glorifies sinister Nathuram Godse who killed him,” warned pro-Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj yesterday.

Speaking to reporters, the Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha (KCVP) leader said statewide stir would be held if anyone insulted the Mahatma. He demanded the suspension of a woman IAS officer for tweeting that Gandhi’s statues should be removed across the world. He condemned her action and said that she had committed an unpardonable crime.

The IAS officer Nidhi Choudhari, who was then Mumbai Deputy Municipal Commissioner, had tweeted that Mahatma Gandhi’s statues from across the world and his images from the Indian currency notes must be removed. The tweet was later deleted.

She subsequently courted controversy and a row erupted. The officer clarified the tweet was sarcastic and that it was misinterpreted.

Nagaraj also said his outfit was launching a drive against corruption from Friday. The KCVP took out a procession here, remembering Gandhi’s struggle against injustice and the British rule.

NT Bureau