Eureka Forbes opts for eco-friendly packaging

Chennai, June 10: In a bid to bring in environmental friendly products, Eureka Forbes has been working since last one year by introducing eco-friendly packaging. It replaced thermocole with pulp tray that is made up of paper pulp,an environment-friendly and recyclable material. The green manufacturing units now have state-of-the-art facilities and operate on rain water and natural light harvesting, said a press release.

Chief transformation officer, Eureka Forbes Limited, Shashank Sinha, said, ‘Eureka Forbes has always strived to bring that difference to society and be a true friend for life. As a brand our core focus has always been to safeguard the environment along with the health of our consumers. The pulp tray and green manufacturing units are yet another milestone achieved while working towards this goal. With these initiatives, we are striving to promote the use of products that would protect our environment for a better tomorrow.’ The innovation has been certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Golden Peacock Awards for quality and the GC Mark by Sample Co. Ltd.

NT Bureau