Review: Seven – Well begun, half done

When Nandhitha Swetha and Regina Cassandra come together on screen, expectation doubles. Seven is a mystery thriller that has action, romance, thrilling moments. But have they been packaged it in the right mix? This question has a negative answer.

Directed by Nizar Shafi, Seven stars Rahman, Havish, Nandita, Aditi Arya, Anisha, Regina, Poojitha, and Tridha in lead roles.

The movie begins with Ramya (Nandhitha Swetha) and Jenny (Anisha Ambrose) who report about their missing husbands at the police station. It turns out that both their husbands are the same person Karthik (Havish).

This case gets the attention of police officer (Rehman), who soon finds out that a similar case was reported by another girl (Aditi Arya) in Chennai.

They manage to catch Karthik and put him in jail. Another girl, Priya (Trida Chowdary), files a missing complaint about her husband Karthik. Now, the rest of the story is about who Karthik is and how he is linked to another incident that happened in the 1980s involving Saraswathi (Regina)?

Although the plot seems interesting, the sad part is that the movie has been poorly executed. The highlight of the movie is performance by the artistes. Regina and Nandhitha stand out with a superlative show.

Chaitan Bharadwaj’s background score is average. VFX works and K L Praveen’s editing are eye-catching.

Although Seven is not up to the mark, it turns out to be a good entertainer. A romantic thriller with a strong story.