Alarm chain pulling major reason for delaying trains: S Rly

Chennai: Nearly a year after Southern Railway raised concerns over ‘trivial’ reasons for stopping trains by pulling the alarm chain, the menace continues.

A statement issued by the Southern Railway (SR) said from January till May this year, Rs 3.72 lakh has been collected as fine and 774 people prosecuted: This number is higher than it was the previous year – Rs 2.8 lakh collected was from 737 passengers last year.

“Though the Indian Railways is striving hard to maintain the punctuality of trains being operated under its control, the menace of Alarm Chain Pulling (ACP) is adjudged as one of the major factors for the delayed operation of trains at the national-level,” a media report quoted the SR.

Common reasons given for pulling the alarm chain are the following: Co-passengers could not board/alight, missing of belongings, passenger got down to purchase eatables and did not return, no water in coach, light/fan not working, passenger overslept.

Perpetrators can be punished with jail term that may also extend to one year and fine that may extend to Rs 1,000 or with both.

NT Bureau