Civic issues plague Pasumarthy, Ratnammal Street in Kodambakkam

Chennai: Of late, residents living at Pasumarthy Street and Ratnammal Street are facing tough times as the stretch has become a dumping zone for garbage. As a result, pedestrians and motorists are finding it difficult to move. Residents allege that some roads in the neighbourhood are often occupied by vehicles.

According to KR Indhuchudan, a resident of Kodambakkam, “A few houses in Pasumarthy Street towards Rangarajapuram Main Road have permanently blocked the road with wooden logs to avoid parking in front of their houses. They also dump construction materials on the road.”

He also added that a few yards on Ratnammal Street from Rangarajapuram Main Road, there was a damaged dustbin which he had been following up with authorities for a replacement. However, the officials didn’t take measures. He pointed, “Now the old one is also removed and huge quantity of waste is strewn around most of the time.”

Ratnammal Street is also reported to be affected by broken drainage concrete lids and there is a lack of storm water drain. Residents here hope that the authorities solve the issues soon.

NT Bureau