Experts urge consumers to read labels before consuming food

Chennai: While people across the country celebrated the first World Food Safety Day recently, in an event organised by Consumers Association of India (CAI) and Tamilnadu Food Safety Department, officials emphasised the need to check the labels to ensure the food is safe.

“Consumers have to read the food labels that have 13-point information such as ingredients list, nutritional value, favouring, agents among others, about the commodity,” said State Food Safety Department designated officer, A Ramakrishnan, at the recent meeting.

Officials during the World Food Safety Day programme organised by Consumers’ Association of India.

Speaking on similar lines, CAI chairperson, Nirmala Desikan, said, “Maintaining personal hygiene, cleanliness in kitchen and the surroundings, having a check on adulteration and spoilage and reading of food labels are the five pillars of food safety. According to WHO, one in 10 falls ill by consuming contaminated food every year.”

CAI director, Santhanarajan, and Tamilnadu Food Safety Department Additional Commissioner and Director K Vanaja were present among others.

NT Bureau