Keelkattalai bus terminus turns haven for vagrants

Chennai: For homeless and people who have left their houses, Keelkattalai bus terminus is their home, but not a sweet one.

A visit to the bus terminus recently revealed how platforms there have become a haven for the homeless and Amma Unavagam present there has become their dining area.

In a bid to learn more about the life of homeless people present at the terminus, News Today took a ride and spoke with a few.

Speaking to News Today, Rajan (name changed) said he came to the city a few months ago to get a job and earn as much as he could. “Since I could not find the right job, I am doing odd ones, I can get my hands on. I eat in Amma canteen and sleep on the platform. I used to travel from one place to another looking for jobs. The place is quite safe in daylight, hence I sleep at that time when I don’t get any jobs for the day.”

Another person, said, “The terminus is a home for us, the terminus is quite safe. But sleeping here after dark seems to be vigil. There are many dogs here that chase people like me. I came here looking for a job a few days ago. Since I didn’t get anything till date, I have no option, but to use terminus as my home. The terminus has everything including a canteen that’s affordable, good shelters to resort and toilets. Some people boarding the bus here help me by providing food packets and some money, through which I am surviving.”

Last year, a shelter was built at Erikarai Street, Keelkattalai under NULM scheme by Pallavapuram Municipality for homeless people. The place can accommodate over 50 persons, and even has a separate floor furnished exclusively for women.

The trust official stated that the people who come seeking shelter are mostly daily wagers, who have come from the southern part of Tamilnadu to earn a livelihood.

The News Today Team informed the two about the trust, so they could avail the facility. For those who find people looking for shelter, contact: 90434 29741.

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