Waste dumped on Lake View Road irks residents

Lake View Road in Madipakkam presents a picture of eye-sore as waste is dumped on roadsides. Overflowing garbage here raises a stink and people find it difficult to traverse the stretch.

Speaking to News Today, Kannan, a resident of the area, says, “Lack of bins here is a major reason for people to throw garbage on roadside. Had there been sufficient bins, why would people use open grounds as dump yards?”

“We made a request to officials for more bins to be placed here. But it went unheeded. Hopefully they will consider our demand now,” he adds.

The rising mounds of waste is an invitation to communicable diseases. While high temperature is not conducive to the growth of microbes, pile-up of garbage at every other street corner will create conditions leading to outbreak of diseases like Hepatitis (jaundice), leptospirosis, and even skin problems, said Dr Kumar, who lives in the area.

He adds, “Rodents and animals were likely to spread waste dumped in street corners to nearby places.”

He says that there is an urgent need for evolving a waste management culture in the city.
Residents here say that they were annoyed that there were no vehicles to carry the garbage to specified points.

Due to absence of bins, residents dump the waste on roads. Stray dogs and cattle feed on the garbage. This leads to environmental degradation, say residents here.

People from other streets also dump the garbage on the road resulting in garbage getting piled up. “Bins should be placed and garbage should be cleared regularly,” they add.

NT Bureau