Nathealth to support health start-ups in India

New Delhi: Apex healthcare industry body Nathealth has announced that it has signed a pact with innovation platform Well Technologies to support healthcare start-ups in India.

The joint initiative will support healthcare start-ups with access to capital and market, industry partnership, mentorship and technology development assistance, Nathealth said in a statement.

Support includes seed investment up to $ 1.5 million (about Rs 10.5 crore) and partnerships with leading industry players for market access, it added.

“Nathealth and Well Tech have agreed to form a partnership to create the future of Indian healthcare through an accelerator program that supports start-ups to grow and collaborate better with government and industry,” president, Nathealth, Sudarshan Ballal, said.

Under the agreement, the selected start-ups will be offered funding opportunities ranging from $ 0.5 million-$ 1.5 million in a year, the statement said.

“Together with Nathealth and our other partners, we will be selecting the best health tech start-ups in India and support them to scale up nationally and internationally,” CFO, Well Technologies, Jaivir Pall, said.

“Our vision is for an innovation ecosystem and we invite stakeholders from government, industry and capital markets to join us in supporting healthcare innovators to scale up,” he added.