Velacheri resident with limited vision solves many problems in locality

Chennai: ‘If there is a will, there is a way’. This saying is true in the case of K Rajesh, who has been short sighted from childhood with just 40 per cent vision. But he never got bogged down by difficulties that life threw at him.

A resident of Pallikaranai, he has served as the president of Doshi Symphony Flat Owners’ Association and is currently a committee member. Rajesh is at the forefront of things when it comes to solving problems for the people of his locality.

“I enjoy being in the field of protecting people,” he says. How is that you ask? In 1993, he started his career in building management solutions (BMS), that is, integrating CCTV, fire alarm, access control and public address system. “At that time, public consciousness on safety measures was less. We as consultants had to educate people on such products, and it fascinated me.” Years later he went on to start his own business in the same field.

He says that he goes forward in life with the intention of helping others. One of the burning issues in the neighbourhood was the lack of a traffic signal in the area. Many lost their lives while crossing this road, so Rajesh along with the association actively fought for the cause and got a traffic signal installed.

So does his vision problem ever pose a barrier? “People never notice that I have a issue with my eyes unless I tell them. But I have never let that come in the way. I cannot afford to feel low when I have have a brother who is completely blind and an aged mother.”

But Rajesh does not have time to pause and ponder, he is currently involved in getting piped metro water connection for his gated-community. “I am meeting several officials and government agencies regarding this. I want to contribute to the society, which is my immediate surrounding,” he signs off.

Naomi N