Book Review: Adventures of an Indian Techie by Nipun Varma

Ever wondered what it feels like to be an Indian techie? Curious to know about the obstacles they face? Then, Nipun Varma’s, ‘Adventures of an Indian Techie’ – published by Notion Press is perhaps the go to book to know how it feels to live a life as a techie working for an ‘IT firm’.

The book is about Nipun’s encounter with different people within his company and his personal life. So for example, the first chapter – The relative trouble – is regarding the troubles he faces in a family gathering. ‘I was at a family function attending my dad-in-law’s first cousin’s niece’s wedding. What a nice occasion!’ writes Nipun. The initial chapters explores about how the writer dodges nosy relatives who pest him with work related queries and how he avoids people’s misinformed mindset.

‘What do you do usually when your computer breaks down? Call a technician? Yes, but when you have a poor techie like me staying next door, you want to save money. Instead of calling a technician, you call the techie, who, according to you, can fix anything that even remotely resembles a computer,’ says Nipun in his book.

It is swamped with dry wit and sarcasm that leaves you laughing. As the book progresses, the author explains us about the drama that happens in a tech firm; meetings/awkward interactions with clients and about mean managers who make junior techies work till midnight. The writer peppers these chapters with hilarious technical jargons which rumbles your belly in splits. The author informs us about ‘two golden rules related to the boss. 1) Your boss is always right. 2) Whenever you feel otherwise, refer to rule #1’.

In terms of writing, Nipun uses a conversational style; it is as if he is sitting beside you and narrating all the funny antics. With reports of work stress and burn out constantly flooding media lately, Adventures of an Indian Techie is bound to strike a chord among the hearts of work drained techies.

Mohammed Rayaan