Mathan from Oragadam helps people in need

Mathan with the mentally challenged youngster he rescued recently.

Chennai: A Mathan from Oragadam has been helping people all his life. His attention goes towards those who are cast out, are mentally challenged, and in need of shelter or food.

Speaking to News Today, he says he has always been that person right from when he was a child.
It is this character of his that has enabled him to always provide for others.

Recently, Mathan was found helping a mentally challenged boy who lived on the streets. He gave medication to the boy and even gave him a good haircut, having taken him to a barber, and some fresh clothes.

“While we were taking him to a shelter, he fled. I did not even get to know his name. It is sad really. Search is on to find him, but we do not know his whereabouts,” said Mathan.

Having spent years fighting for a good cause alone, he finally found the need to start a group. He now heads the Lions Club of Oragadam City, having formed it in April this year. Currently, there are 38 people who work with him to help people.

“I need to mention about my parents here. It was because of what they taught me during my childhood that I started helping others. They instilled the thought in me,” he said when asked who inspired him to start helping others. “I want to do something for society. People need to come to the fore and contribute their part too,” he said.

Not willing to stop with just helping people, Mathan also plans to do his bit for the environment. He says, “I have been looking at waterbodies in and around Ambattur and they have a lot of karuvelam trees. They do nothing but bad for their surroundings and I plan on taking them out. The work will start by July. That is my next big project.”

Mathan, like many good-hearted people, wants to be the change to bring about change in society. He can be contacted at 98840 88736.

Praveen Kumar S