‘News Today’ effect: Mumbai doctor to help Chennai NEET topper

Dr C G Mahalakshmi

Chennai: After reading an article in News Today issue dated 10 June, about Jeevitha, a Chennai-based student who scored high marks in NEET, Dr C G Mahalakshmi from Mumbai has volunteered to render support to the topper.

Mahalakshmi, a 33-year-old surgeon, contacted NT office over phone last evening and wanted to help the Chennai student, who hails from a poor economic background, to pursue her studies in the field of medicine.

Mahalakshmi was born and brought up in Coimbatore and settled in Mumbai after getting married to a gynaecologist. She says, “My father used to run a trust called Janakiraman Trust to help people in need of medical aid. After his demise, my sisters and me are running the trust, with the income generated from our family business. Through this trust, we will offer whatever help Jeevitha needs.”

She added, “I read the news article about her and I thought that my father would have offered help to her. So, I decided to do what my father would have done. I can take care of her educational expenses or arrange for good coaching centre in Chennai that will be useful for her PG admissions. Jeevitha wants to become a gynaecologist and my husband is one too. We would be more than happy to guide her. All I expect from her is that I want her to help as many people as she can, after succeeding in her career.”


In response to the help offered by Dr Mahalakshmi, Jeevitha said, “I am overwhelmed with happiness. It is a big relief that I am not burdening my parents anymore. They have taken loan to pay fees for NEET coaching. I can’t thank her enough for her support and care.”

She also assured, “After becoming a gynaecologist, I will help people who struggle to get education like I did.”

P Bhavani, Jeevitha’s mother said, “As of now, all my daughter needs is proper guidance. I am not educated enough to guide my daughter. We are thankful to Dr Mahalakshmi for being ready to help us with what we need.”

“At first, when my daughter told me that she wanted to study MBBS, I was very hesitant. I was worrying if this will be possible. But now, I am so proud of her. She took a lot of efforts, studied all day and now I am confident that she is going in the right path, towards her goal,” Bhavani added.

M Anandavalli