Synergy bets big on maritime digitisation

Chennai: Synergy Group has announed the roll-out of 30 SMARTShips with technology support from Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT). Another 60 SMARTships are in the pipeline at various stages of the set-up process, the firm said in its statement.

SMARTShip uses cutting edge technologies to solve real-world issues for every stakeholder in the logistics value chain, a release said.

CEO and founder, Synergy Group, Capt. Rajesh Unni, said, “It is imperative for the shipping industry to cast off its conservatism and commit to harnessing the operational, financial and environmental benefits new technologies can yield. It’s time for us to welcome change and embrace digital shipping. SMARTships are a giant leap towards this endeavor.”

Synergy believes that technology is already redefining the shipping industry; and that IoT, machine learning and cloud-based big data science are revolutionising shipping and the ship management processes, which in turn yields efficiency and transparency for owners, ship suppliers and operators, the firm stated in its release.

NT Bureau