Thiruvengada Nagar residents face danger from street dogs

Chennai: Chennai, Thiruvengada Nagar residents have to be cautious even if they have to walk down the street for there are far too many dogs ready to pounce on them.

They say the number of mongrels have been on the rise for the past few months and that despite repeated complaints, authorities are not taking proper action.

Suresh, the secretary of Thiruvengada Nagar Residents Welfare Association, said, “There are nearly 100 dogs in our locality now. There are a lot of puppies as well. Authorities must spay the females and do castration on males. Many people have fallen down due to them chasing and they are quite ferocious too.”

Sumathi, a resident of the nagar, said, “Four days ago, the watchman at my place fell down and broke his leg because the dogs started chasing him. His child was bitten too. Now, he has left for his place. Safety is at stake here. Children need to be very careful. Also, we are afraid that the dogs might spread diseases.”

Another resident named G G Venkataraman said the dogs take refuge at a ground opposite to his home and he has to spend all day chasing them away. “All my efforts to reach out to authorities have gone in vain. No action has been taken whatsoever,” he said.

Many from other areas come to Thiruvengada Nagar for the park is well maintained there. However, due to the dog menace, people are afraid to visit the park, they say.

Also, residents add that if authorities take the dogs away to castrate them, they release more dogs from various other areas in the neighbourhood.

“This must be stopped. The dogs should be released from the areas they are taken from. Releasing a whole host of puppers in a single spot is not a good idea,” they say.¬†Efforts made by News Today to reach authorities went in vain.

Praveen Kumar S