Doctors protest in Chennai Stanley Hospital for Kolkata incident (video)

Chennai: Following the deadly assault of an intern doctor at a government medical college and hospital in Kolkata, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) protested across India demanding justice. Closer home, more than 500 doctors in Chennai took part in the dharna that took place today at Stanley Medical College and Hospital, Washermanpet (video).

Speaking to News Today, IMA State president-elect Dr C N Raja, said, “The act is condemnable and there is a genuine need for laws to protect doctors and other medical practitioners. Despite our trying hard to save a patient, if it fails, we are charged by terming it ‘medical negligence’.”

The doctors stated that the failure of the government to protect them has led to serious injuries to one of the government doctors – he has suffered a skull injury and is in critical care.

“There must be a law to protect doctors and hospitals across the country. However, there is a separate mandate in Tamilnadu which is not being implemented. According to Clinical Establishments Protection Act, 2008, the wrongdoer has to be imprisoned for seven years, as it is a non-bailable offence, and he has to pay two per cent of the cost, if s/he damages the hospital properties. Despite having a law in the State, we are harmed,’ IMA past vice-president, Dr Sentamil Pari, stated.

He further alleged that there have been several incidents in the State against the doctors community.

“Violence against practitioners is increasing in India even though we offer the best treatment from our side. All we require is protection as long as we are in service,” said Dr Raja.

Although the doctors had held a dharna, OP service was not affected. “Since it was held between 1 pm and 2 pm, we ensured we did not let our patients suffer,” Dr Sentamil added.


While the post-mortem of a 80-year-old patient was under way in Kolkata, a mob attacked doctors and paramedical staff. One of the intern doctors is reported to have been grievously injured during the incident. The junior doctor’s skull was reportedly fractured by angry relatives of the patient who blamed the quality of treatment.

Bhavani Prabhakar