Motorists want strict action against illegal parking of cabs at Tirusulam

Chennai: Motorists taking GST Road, Tirusulam, opposite Chennai Airport, have requested the Chennai Traffic Police (CTP) to clear private cabs illegally parked on the stretch. One can see them parked at will on roadsides.

Says Ganesh, a resident of Pallavaram, “The road is shrunk as the stretch is occupied by these private cabs. Vehicles ply on a single lane of the two-lane stretch, affecting free vehicular movement.”

“Thanks to the encroachment, the traffic is slow here especially during peak hours. Though we complained to Chennai Traffic Police no action has been taken. Thanks to congestion, there is chaos here,” he adds.

With juice shops occupying pavements and cars parked on roadsides, people are forced to walk on teh road and speeding traffic poses a threat to their safety, says Jamuna, a marketing executive.

There is an open ground opposite the airport where children play. A portion can be used by these private cabs to park their vehicles, she opines.

Those indulging in illegal parking should be caught and punished severely. It would create in the minds of offenders, she adds.

We can see mobile eateries at the stretch in the morning. There will be huge around at the place. I wonder why police have turned a blind eye to it, she questions. Strict action and heavy fine will alone prevent such acts, say many.

NT Bureau