Pedestrains want safety measures at Padipudhu Nagar

A view of Padipudhu Nagar Signal.

Chennai: The timing given for pedestrian to cross the Padipudhu Nagar signal is less. So, the walkers expressed the need for a foot-over-bridge at this signal.

Rajan, resident of Anna Nagar, Chennai, says, “During school time, a traffic policeman at this signal guide us to cross it quickly. Even though, he helps us cross the road safely, students fear motorists who are not obeying the traffic rules.”

“Many motorist coming from Anna Nagar West and Ambattur don’t bother at all about the pedestrian. Specially, the senior citizen are forced to cross quickly because the timing of green signal. Mostly, the elderly people stand closer to median and wait for another signal. It’s better to have a foot-over-bridge at this signal,” he adds.

Jayalakshmi, a school girl, says, “We have to run to reach the other side of this road. We fear motorist coming from all directions at a high speed. Some two- wheelers move in the wrong direction from JeevanBhima Nagar to Mugappair East and Ambattur.”

“I am residing at Welcome Colony, Anna Nagar Western Extension. Every day, I have to cross Padipudhu Nagar signal to board D70 route bus to reach my office at Vadapalani. Whenever I cross this signal, I see motorists moving at a great speed,” says Mahendran, a resident.

“We feel unsafe at this signal. The timing given for pedestrian to cross this signal is very less, so it’s our request to the authorities to construct a footover bridge,” he adds.

NT Bureau