Review: ‘Game Over’ – Taut thriller

A super natural thriller based on computer games. It may sound familiar in Hollywood. Kudos to filmmaker Ashwin Saravanan for bringing it to Tamil cinema.

Game Over starring Taapsee Pannu is new to Kollywood. With computer games as the backdrop, the director tries to narrate a horror story with enough twists, turns and suspense.

The movie boasts of a string technical team that is a prerequisite for such films. And the movie revolves around Swapna (Taapsee), a game developer. She lives with her maid Kalamma (Vonodhini) away from her parents for a reason. Game Over begins with a murder of young girl in a crude manner by a masked man. Cut to present, there is Swapna who seeks doctor’s help for she fears dark. A tattoo on her hand changes the course of her life. She feels super natural things happen around her. Sequence of events leaves her miserably injured restricted to a wheel chair. Kalamma is her only help. The masked man is now at her doorsteps baying for her blood.

Taapsee is back in Tamil after a brief interval to give her best. She emotes to her best and brings out fear, disappointment, anger and agony well. Helplessness to face tough situations is well brought out by her. Vinodhini as Taapsee is perfect choice for the role. And there are hardly a dozen characters who come and go in the film, but still the filmmaker has managed to weave a thriller that brings us to the edge of our seats.

If Maya was a out-an-out horror thriller, Ashwin Saravanan’s next Game Over is a thorough fusion between horror and a suspense thriller.

Richard Kevin’s crisp editing, Vasanth’s cinematography and Ron Ethan Yohann’s background score add more strength to Game Over. A game worth trying.