Chennai struggling due to water crisis, many companies affected

Chennai: Usually, Tolet boards hang outside houses vacated by tenants, but this is not the scenario now as house-owners are not ready to rent out houses again due to the limited availability of water.

It is said many residents have already shifted from the water parched areas of the city and have either gone to their native place or moved to places where water supply is better.

There are also reports that a few IT companies have asked their employees to work from home, following which they have left for their native places.

However, a few IT companies said they have adopted novel water conservation methods and do not face water shortage now.

Sources said a few IT companies have asked the employees to bring their own disposable plates. And a few have their own water-recycling plants, while smaller companies buy water from private suppliers.

It is also said the water scarcity has forced several hotels in the city to shut down operations. Following this, the workers too have left Chennai for their native places. The closure of hotels is also a big blow for those dependent on them for food.

At present, the scenario in the city hospitals do not seem to be much affected by the water shortage. KMC hospital Dean, P Vasanthamani, said there was no problem of water so far.

“KMC has 20 borewells, of which five are down, but we manage. We get water from 20 tankers for day-to-day usage. We will have a problem only if Metro Water stops these 20 tankers,” she said.
Talking about conservation methods in the hospital, she said rainwater harvesting facilities are present in the old buildings.

Construction work in the city has also come to an grinding halt due to the non-availability of water.
“Most of our projects have been halted mid-way due to lack of water. We are all now at the mercy of Varuna Bhagavan,” said Siva, a builder.

School Education Minister K A Sengottaiyan has said schools have not declared holiday due to lack of water.
He said at present there is enough water available in all schools. “In case there is any instance of water scarcity reported in schools, it will be addressed within 24 hours,” he added.


Balasubramani Muniyandi