Nanganallur residents angry over encroachments along pathways

Chennai: Residents across the neighbourhoood are unhappy over the inactivity of Greater Chennai Corporation and police department over rampant encroachment on the sidewalks and pavements, leaving no place for the pedestrians to walk.

The Outer Ring Road that leads to Vanuvampet is dotted with multiple eateries and other shops. Multiple complaints raised by citizens have not paid heed as the officials have not acted on the illegal encroachments yet.

“For several months, the illegal occupants have stayed put. Not a direction has been given from the government,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity.

While the road is wide and spacious, little does it have to offer for the pedestrians. Tiffin shops along with seating arrangements are aplenty on either sides of the road. “Every day is a battle to walk through. It is a danger zone especially for children and senior citizens who are forced to walk on the corner of main roads with constant fear of being hit by vehicles,” the resident said.

“Adding to the existing problem are the two-wheeler driving classes utilising the space to park their vehicles. The owners do not pay heed to the concerns but are stubborn,” he added.

Shanthi, a resident of Nanganallur, points out the chaos that she encounters every day on Fourth Main Road. “The platform is being used as a parking space. Motor vehicles can be seen parked any time of the day and it reaches the peak in the evenings. Even the police officers are not bothered about the inconvenience it causes to people.”

She further stated that the vehicle-users are cared less about following the rules as it is a one-way road. Raghavan, another resident, said, “Of late, bottle neck on the junction of Fourth Main Road and Sixth Main Road in Nanganallur has assumed alarming proportions as the twowheelers are parked outside the eateries and other shops in the locality.”

“We keep harping about pedestrian deaths increasing in the city, but not care if the facility is safe and intact for them. The two eateries not only encroach pedestrian pathways but also have indirectly created bottleneck,” Raghavan added.

It may be noted that the Fourth Main Road Sixth Main Road junction is a hotspot round the clock. Not only does it block the movement of pedestrians but also the buses.

Bhavani Prabhakar