Residents upset over poor condition of water resources at Porur

Chennai: Neighbourhood residents are mourning as the plight of Porur lake has worsened this summer. What served a major water resource for the entire Chennai once is now reeling under severe drought condition.

“Porur Lake is one of the important water sources in Chennai. The water on the surface has vanished completely and the eco-system has been badly affected. This clearly shows the situation of underground water level across the city,” said Kamalakannan, a worried resident.

Making a suggestion, he said, “This is too late. Still, before the onset of monsoon, all we can do is dig the land deeper, strengthen the bounds and save water when rain season arrives. The city depends majorly on this water body, but authorities do not care to maintain it.”

A social activist in the locality points out that commercial establishments and illegal encroachments are the main reasons for the current situation. “The government before digging up the lake should focus on evacuating encroachments in this area. Also, the commercial hubs dig multiple bores and suck thousands of litres of water. This is the major factor why Porur is in this precarious situation,” he said.

He also added that even before the onset of the last year’s monsoon, he along with other activists staged a protest to strengthen the bunds around Porur Lake. But later, he claims, he understood that the real issues are suction of an enormous amount of water and shrinking of Lake due to encroachments.

Another good resource of water in this area is the Ramapuram Lake. The restoration work of the lake was begun a few months ago. “After having lost hopes over Porur lake, we were depending on this one and thought it would resolve the issues of our water needs. Although the work started of well, it is now being carried out leisurely. This is worrying us,” said a resident of Ramapuram.

The residents have been taking to the streets then and now demanding authorities for sufficient water supply in the neighbourhood. They want the officials to take immediate action regarding the issue.

Article by P T Usha

NT Bureau