Road-widening work ceases at Kundrathur Main Road

Chennai: The residents have no clue as to why the road extension work at Kundrathur Main Road has been stalled all of a sudden, and motorists are fuming over it.

The Kundrathur Main Road is one of the main stretches in the locality, and residents from interior sub-urban areas take this stretch every day for their work and other purposes. Due to the increase in vehicle flow, the road extension project was started last year.

As part of the process, the sides of the road were dug up and filled with stones. But the work was stopped in between, putting commuters in the lurch. A few month ago, the work resumed, and it was being carried out at a snail’s pace. Now, much to the disappointment of the residents, the work has been put to a halt once again.

Being one of the busiest stretches, Kundrathur Main Road holds almost five schools, multi-speciality hospitals, government offices and many more. So, other than the regular commuters, the stretch also draws a number of new travellers every day.

Saravanan, a motorist said, “We have complained a number of times about this situation. But officials have still not fastened the work. The situation gets worse during peak hours in the evening.”

“As the road sides are filled with loose stones, a number of accidents have taken place here. Absence of speed breakers adds to our woes,” he rued.

“School children are the ones who are mostly affected. Not every parent can avail the facility of a van or an auto, so several children go to school by cycles. This path is not safe for them. Also, some school vans do not follow the proper speeding limits and put our children’s lives at risk,” said Subhasree, parent of a 12-year-old.

“There are hospitals in this locality and ambulances commute to and fro. The plight of the road and traffic congestion contribute to the delay in taking the patients to the hospitals on time,” pointed out another resident.

Residents of Kundrathur want the authorities to fasten up the widening work of the stretch and relieve motorists from a painstaking journey.

Article by P T Usha

NT Bureau