Eight transgenders held for murder at Mangadu, near Chennai

Chennai: Eight transgenders have been arrested for murdering a transperson at Sikkarayapuram quarries, near Mangadu, on 7 June.

The case unfolded when the police found the body of a transgender, Sowmya alias Ravi (25), from the quarry. Initially, it was treated as a case of accidental drowning.

Later, the police found there was a house occupied by nearly 20 transgenders in Kundrathur, raising suspicion.

It was run by two persons identified as Ganapathy and Maha. The duo took money from the inmates who earned by collecting from shops and passersby.

The eight of them developed a grudge against Sowmya for informing Ganapathy and Maha about the fights going on among them.

Soon, they plotted her murder. On 7 June, when she went to bathe in the quarry, they first beat her up and then drowned her.

After the murder, they confessed to Ganapathy and Maha who assured they would take care of it provided each of them gave Rs 3,000 a day.

Meanwhile, the post-mortem report showed it to be case of assault and forced drowning.

When the inmates could not take the torture in the house any more, one of them fled to Kanchipuram. Maha had gone to bring her back, when the police caught the duo.

The rest of them surrendered before Mangadu police.

The police arrested Sudha alias Sankar (23), Sriya alias Selvamani (24), Vasanthi alias Vasanth (24), Rose alias Vinothini (25), Arthi alias Venkatesan (26), Regina alias Ashok (26), Divya alias Sadiq Basha (25) and Manisha alias Manoj (23).

Naomi N