Nakkeeran Salai hand pump facility not in use, rue residents

Gunasekaran pointing out to the hand pump on 20th Street, near Nakkeeran Salai, Mugappair East.

Chennai: Before Metrowater pipeline connection was provided to Tamilnadu Housing Board, many residents had well in their houses. Later, hand pumps were fixed at common places to meet water demand.

They were very helpful in getting groundwater. Now, these pumps have developed repairs and no step was allegedly taken to maintain it.

M Gunasekaran, a resident of Mugappair East, said, “those days, many residents had wells and the depth was around 45 feet. When population increased, many gave preference to borewells.

Their depth was around 100 feet and the ground water level decreased. Nearly 15 years ago, officials installed hand pumps by boring the ground at several streets in Mugappair. The pump on 20th Street, Nakkeeran Salai is one among the list. During summer, hand pump plays an important role in solving water scarcity in the locality. But it is not functioning.”

“I gave complaint to the AE, JE and also to main office at Chinthadaripet. I even got complaint number but no steps were taken to do repair work. This pump is very useful for us and we made use of the water for washing and other purposes. I am waiting for more than ten months for the officials to set it right,” he added.

“After water pipeline connection was given to all houses by CMWSSB, the use of hand pump became less. Most of the people use it only during summer. But it is not working even during the hour of crisis,” said Kumar, a resident of Nakkeeran Street.

A Metrowater official said, “After allotment of funds, there will be a call for tender to repair hand pumps in the locality. There are 17 hand pumps, 10 are working, four got repaired and three are in working condition but not used because of no water. We will give first preference for the pump on 20th Street.”

The officer also mentioned that the ground water level went deep, beyond the limit of hand pump bore well.

S Solomon Raj