Vasan bats for TN fishermen’s welfare

Chennai: Tamil Maanila Congress (TMC) president G K Vasan urged the central and State governments to help fishermen with subsidies and speed up the approval process for new mechanised boats.

In a press release here, Vasan claimed that fishermen are having a hard time in registering the new boats and without getting approval for them, they couldn’t insure their boats and avail the benefits provided by State and central governments.

Without the registration number, the fishermen are turned away by the coastal guards in sea, Vasan added.

After 60 day fishing ban they are getting back into the sea for their livelihood so the State government should take action on their requests and give approval for new boats and provide safety for the fishermen while in sea.

“Diesel price is increasing in one side and other side people for struggling to get register their new boats. This will affect their livelihood,” said Vasan in a press release.

NT Bureau