While you wait for water tanker, don’t forget to watch your health

Chennai: Although the city has received a spell after an inordinately long time, it is not going to solve the water scarcity immediately.

We would continue to utilise on other sources to tap water at least till the monsoon brings enough resource catering to the city’s needs. Experts state that the city is facing the acute situation after 20 years and has even grabbed the eyeballs of international media publications.

The residents have no choice but to depend on private and CMWSSB water tankers to meet the water needs. While people are concerned only about quenching but not the quality. However, this may not be the case just with tankers but also when the sewage mixes with the fresh water pipeline. Residents of several areas like Mylapore complained of the issue and another secion of residents on the quality of water that the lorries supply.

Another prime reason that Chennai is staring at such a scenario is also due to the exploitation of water bodies. Despite having abundant lakes and tanks, experts state that not everything is fit for human consumption. They blame the same residents for staking them. At the lakes in Chitlapakkam, Ambattur and Adambakkam, activists raise concern over residents dumping garbage and disposing liquid sewage.

A resident from Nanganallur stated that many people from the neighbourhood fell ill due to contaminated water supply. Although it may not be as serious as other communicable disease that are of concern, public should be cautious of falling sick. From the time summer kicked in, Directorate of Public Health has started issuing notices in view of illnesses arising out of consuming water that is not safe.

‘Diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, brain fever and other communicable diseases are common if the water and food is contaminated. It is advisable to consume boiled chlorinated water. Under medical supervision, a person can intake zinc tablets (which is also recommended by WHO) that helps to get better and prevents from pneumonia,’ said a press release.

The department noted that patient with diarrhoea should consume oral rehydration solution (ORS), tender coconut water and rice porridge and seek medical intervention immediately to avoid further complications. For children with diarrhoea, the officials advise to feed breast milk, ORS and light food.

* Eat well-cooked food
* Food, vegetables and fruits have to be kept away from flies
* Maintaining hygiene should be strictly adhered to
* Household waste should be disposed often and the place should be cleaned with chlorine solution

Bhavani Prabhakar