Take breaks for a healthy heart

Chennai: The previous week, residents of Chennai woke up to the grim news of ‘Crazy’ Mohan passing away due to cardiac arrest.

While there have been scores of fans mourning about the great humour sense the artiste possessed, what here seems uncommon is the way he passed away. Within a few hours, the doctors at the private hospital declared him dead.

Medical practitioners, for long, have been warning us of the sedentary lifestyle we lead, not often do we pay heed to it. Being a comedian, he was known to make people laugh, forgetting their problems, although he suffered a cardiac arrest. Doctors have been raising their concerns over youngsters getting prone to heart-related ailments which used to occur when people hit old-age. This brings an important topic to the fore, being healthy to prevent heart problems.

Citing the empirical evidence he has gathered, a doctor from a private hospital said, “I see quite a few patients between the age group 20 and 30 consulting for heart attacks. All the factors contributing to this situation are apropos to the vulnerable population in our city.”

Smoking is an acute reason due to which millennial these days complain of heart ailments at a young age. Unhealthy eating practices, obesity and consumption of alcohol are major contributors to various cardiac diseases. Earlier, these symptoms were seen in people of the age above 70 years where as these days, people in the age bracket of 30-40 years are seen with such heart complications due to their lifestyle.

Explaining about one of the most common factors, the doctor said, “Obesity, caused due to a sedentary lifestyle, is something that is practised by the current generation. This makes them less active and keeps them glued to their seats and screens. Kids must be taught to step out to play and interact in order to have an active life, thereby, reducing the risk of a heart ailment in the future. Having some form of physical activity is very important to avoid any type of serious health conditions.”

So what is the solution? Do not forget to take timely breaks to free themselves from stress by indulging in healthy activities.

* Lack of response and no normal breathing
What to do
* Call for help

* Administer CPR (with the help of experts) if the person does not breathe


Bhavani Prabhakar