Voltage fluctuations, outages bother Tambaram residents year round

Chennai: Let the sun shine or rain pour, the plight of residents of Tambaram with regard to power in the locality does not seem to end.

While it was voltage fluctuations which was giving sleepless nights to the residents during summer, now there are power cuts at night owing to rain in the past few days.

People are worried that they might have to spend more sleepless nights in the coming days if the situation continues.

Radha, a resident of Madambakkam, said despite using double and triple boosters, their AC did not function properly due to the voltage fluctuations in the neighbourhood.

Many residents alleged that the motors of several devices were damaged due to voltage fluctuation. People also feel that the locality is not rain-ready yet.

“I feel that the EB officials have not taken necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply ahead of the monsoon. If the same scenario continues, then I am pretty sure that the residents are in for a tough time this monsoon. Even the branches that are in contact with live wires have not been cut. Several wires damaged during Cyclone Vardah have not been replaced. Only patch work has been done and that is not safe. Many high-tension wires, supposed to be laid underground, are over the ground which can be dangerous it if rains,” said Sathish Kumar, a resident of Selaiyur.

A senior EB official said the number of people using AC, fridge and heavy appliances has gone up in recent days which is the reason for the voltage fluctuation.

“Measures are being taken to make the neighbourhood rain-ready. Workers are involved in cutting the trees which touch live wires. Residents, too, should cooperate with us and reduce unnecessary wastage of electricity,” the official added.

Balasubramani Muniyandi