‘Oththa Seruppu’ gets ‘U’

Actor-director Parthiban’s next Oththa Seruppu gets censored. The movie written and directed by Parthiban himself has managed a clean U certificate.

The highlight of the movie is that it features just him all through. Says Parthiban, “When I usually write a script and develop it, I don’t keep the certification process in mind. I believe that by compromising, the script would lose its impact. Oththa Seruppu Size 7 was written in the same manner and I am happy that it has got ‘U’ from CBFC”.

He said, that there were 12 movies in the world where ‘solo act’ was performed. “But the specialty of Oththa Seruppu is that the film has been written, directed, produced and acted by the same person and that is me. In that sense my film will be the 1st attempt in the genre followed by 12 movies.”

NT Bureau