Should MNM party leader Kamal Haasan not work on Bigg Boss?

File photo of Kamal in Bigg Boss 3 show

Chennai: “I cannot understand why people keep questioning MNM founder Kamal Haasan hosting Bigg Boss. It is a profession and it should not be confused with politics. Being in politics does not mean that you should not do any other work. Moreover, an example of a good leader is to ensure that work is done even in his absence. Time and again Kamal has said this is the party of the cadres and he has motivated us enough to do the right thing,” said Narendra Kumar, a Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) member.

Ever since Bigg Boss 3 was announced, people have been questioning about how sincere Kamal’s political aspirations are. Several memes and trolls were made on the topic.
In response to all this, on the first day of the show, Kamal Haasan said, “Don’t ask me why I am doing this. This is an important platform for me. Instead of calling it a platform, I would say it is a bridge connecting me with the sea of people.”
He further said, “You can get jealous of me, if you want to. But cannot question me. No one else can get such a family. Though I have got it a bit late, I am proud that I have it now.”
Party cadres said though Kamal may be busy with the shooting of Bigg Boss 3, he has always ensured that the party cadres work for the welfare of the people.
“It is not necessary that he should keep talking about an issue. He believes in action than in mere talking. Even recently he directed the cadres to take part in the Grama Sabha meetings which will be held 28 June. Several cadres are already involved in supplying water to parched areas in the locality. Apart from this, our members are involved in the desilting of various waterbodies,” said a cadre.
He further said Kamal has always been a visionary and does not settle for temporary solutions which is why he has asked to take up rainwater harvesting measures seriously and a separate team is working on it.
“We have also been closely following the complaints registered in the Maiam Whistle app and are taking it up with the officials and trying to resolve as many issues as we can,” the member added.
A section of the cadres, however, feels that their leader should be vocal about the various problems in the State.
“He should make the party’s stand clear on issues which will help people know about MNM better.  Kamal’s silence will make people think that the party has gone into hibernation,” the member added.

Balasubramani Muniyandi