Telangana BJP MP lands in row over ‘beheading’ remarks

Hyderabad: A BJP MP has stoked a controversy by allegedly saying that any Muslim youth who tries to indulge in stalking tribal girls would be “beheaded.”

A video of the Adilabad MP, Soyam Bapu Rao, purportedly making the comments went viral Monday.

“I want to tell the Muslim youths one thing, that if you try to indulge in stalking our Adivasi girls you will be beheaded. I am requesting minority youth brothers in the united Adilabad district, dont follow our girls. It would be difficult for you if we start following you,” he purportedly says in the video clip.

A group of minority community leaders has given a “representation” to Adilabad police seeking action against the BJP MP over his alleged remark as it “hurt their sentiments.”

The Adilabad police said there was no clarity in the ‘representation’ on where and when Rao made such comments.

“They gave a representation on Sunday without any specifications. We are seeking legal opinion and proceeding accordingly. We dont know when and where he made such comments. Nobody has lodged any complaint also so far,” additional superintendent of police Adilabad, K Mohan, said.

The MP could not be reached for his comments.