‘Pizhai’ is based on real-life incidents, says director Rajavel

Amidst commercial masalas comes a children’s film titled Pizhai. Directed by debutant Rajavel Krishna, the film tries impart a strong message to audience.

“The film will be about three kids who run away from home after not understanding their parents. The trials and tribulations they face in the outside world and how this makes them realise that the actions of their parents were for their own good, is the story of Pizhai.

The film is based on real-life incidents and at least one scene from the film will remind the audience of something they have done in their childhood. It’s usually kids who bug their parents to take them to a film, but Pizhai will be a film that parents will want to take their kids to,” says Rajavel.

Apart from Kakka Mutta fame Ramesh, Nasath of Appa fame and Gokul, who was a part of the reality show Junior Super Stars act in this film. Pizhai also stars Charlee, Kaloori Vinoth, and Mime Gopi. Then audio of the movie was launched recently.

NT Bureau