Web series ‘Postman’ delivers promising entertainment

Chennai: Imagine that it’s 1995 and you are a postman, assigned to deliver letters. Instead you drop at a theatre to watch Basha! (Obviously, this means you are a hardcore Rajini fan!).

While returning home, you meet with an accident. You bang your head and fall into a coma for over 20 years! And then you wake up one day, the world has change, and you decide to deliver the letters again.

While delivering a letter at a home, you meet face to face with a serial killer! In a nutshell, this is the plot of the all new ten-episode Zee5 web series, Postman, directed by Prashanth Gunasekaran and produced Sameer Bharat Ram, starring Munishkanth in the lead role. Edited by Mathivathnan JA, the web series has its music by Vijay and Vicky.

The first two episodes was screened to media here in the city. Munishkanth plays the role of Raja, a postman who is a diehard Rajini fan (He even names his daughter as Rajini, depicted by newbie star Keerthi Pandian). Together, the father-daughter duo decide to deliver letters. But things do not go the way they expect as mystery and suspense clouds their journey.

Sameer Bharath speaking to media said, “The idea of what may happen to the life of a man after waking up from coma for over twenty years inspired us to make the shoot the story right away.” He added, “We reached out to many mainstream actors to portray the role of the postman. However, all declined. I feel maybe they fear web series might reduce their chances to work in films but that is not the case. Web series are the future.”

He offered his praise to Munishkanth. “He has given his best and I hope that his performance motivates more popular actors to enter web segment.”

Munishkanth spoke about his experience. “It was brilliant and the team worked really hard to give their best,” he said. “The story was really great and it immediately made me sign up.’ Keerthi Pandian later thanked the studio and crew for the opportunity. “It was fascinating to work with Munish sir,” she said. “Our chemistry was really well as a father-daughter pair and it felt great to act with him. It was a wonderful learning curve for me.” Postman premiers on Zee5 on 27 June.

Mohammed Rayaan