Vandiamman Kovil Street in Mugappair needs attention

Chennai: Vandiamman Kovil Street is in bad condition and no steps have been taken to solve the problem, it is alleged. The road got damaged and it has become a parking area for abandoned vehicles.

“Dumping debris and waste just opposite to our Shri Apartment near the newly constructed compound wall of TNHB Flats on Vandiamman Kovil Street has become a common practice.

Corporation workers are also not bothered about it and no steps were taken to remove it. The temporary shed constructed for the workers to stay until completion of the building (TNHB flats) is also not removed. Pedestrians and motorists moving on this stretch are using it as unofficial public toilet,” said, Nalini Badrinath, a resident.

“The road at Vandiamman Kovil Street got damaged due to movement of heavy vehicles that carried building materials and Metrowater lorries,” he added.

“For more than 10 years, the government has not taken any steps to relay the road, which is being used by many motorists as it is close to Golden George Nagar bridge which was closed for four wheelers. Cars and lorries make use of this stretch to reach Rail Nagar and Poonamallee High Road,” said, Nandagopal, a resident of Mugappair East.

He also mentioned that during rainy season, they were able to see water stagnation on the entire stretch. “Rain water on this street enters Shri Apartment along with garbage and sand. It takes many days to dry. Motorists move on this damaged road in a rash manner. So, I request the officials to relay the road immediately for the welfare of the pedestrians,” he added.

Justin, a college student, said, “We need speed-breakers on Vandiamman Kovil Street to control the speed of vehicles that move fast. Children and elders are afraid to walk on this stretch. School students going by bicycle are also in danger. Some of them skipped on gravel and sand found on this street.”

A Corporation official said, “We know the road at Vandiamman Kovil Street is in damage condition. We were waiting for the completion of building work. The road will be re-laid in the next fund allotment. We will give preference to this stretch.”

S Solomon Raj