Assn in Chennai provides study materials for govt school students

Chennai: Among the minimal number of people who come forward for the welfare of others, Ramapuram Residents’ Welfare Federation takes the front seat. The members of the federation are involved in providing notebooks to school students in the Chennai locality.

Speaking to News Today, the president of the federation, Paul Dhas, says, “There are totally three government and Panchayat schools in Ramapuram. All these, like the majority of government schools, lack basic amenities. Most of the students who study here are from low-middle class families who cannot afford the study materials. They also need proper assistance. One of the schools here recently conducted its Annual Day. In the event, from our side, we provided geometry boxes and other study kits to several students.”

“Seeing our effort, another elementary school contacted us to support them. So, we are planning to extend our support for them in the coming years. The federation has planned to provide study materials to around 240 students in future,” he says.

The federation which was formed a year back has been indulged in various social activities in the recent months. “A number of 69 associations are currently here in Ramapuram. Among them, over 40 associations came together and joined hands for the wellness of the locality. As planned, many local issues have been sorted out, and local authorities welcomed and appreciated our move.”

NT Bureau