Basic hygiene may help prevent allergies by dust mites

Chennai: Dust is omnipresent – at home, on streets, on your hands, in vehicle, between the window sill. You name a spot, it is there, even at places where you cannot reach or think about reaching.

Several infrastructural projects are ongoing in the city and even otherwise minute, naked particles lie just there. Quite literally. Walk down on a road, you may see a worker digging up the road for some work. Many lanes in Chennai are dusty and people do not bother covering their nostrils to prevent infections and allergies, rather we just move on.

The rain lashed Chennai and sun has shown up, leaving the muddy puddles dry, as a result of which you can see all things covered with a layer of dust after a spell. So what can it lead to? Have common cold? This mighty dust mites is behind the act. Don’t you undermine its capabilities – from cough to eczema – they cause it all. Never brush off any allergy. When it gets intense, refrain from relying on those home medications and seek expert medical intervention.

While you may not be able to get rid of them completely, the possible extreme effects can be prevented by following basic hygiene practices. Cleaning the rugs and upholstery every now and then with effective tools is one method to not accumulate and form layers of mites. Although there is no practical evidence, experts suggest air purifiers.

A research stated that Chennai has more than twice the share of PM2.5 (particulate matter that measure less than 2.5 microns, which essentially constitutes minute dust particles) from transport sector (39 per cent) compared to that in Delhi (17 per cent).

Although the air quality looks reasonably well in Chennai when compared with New Delhi, it is pertinent that we consider how dusty even our homes are. Need we speak of households that are located in an industrial vicinity like Ambattur, Madhavaram and Guindy? Nope. They are the ones that bear the maximum brunt and their house will be covered with mites all day long, no matter how much ever they vacuum it.

The research adds, “Vehicle exhaust, domestic cooking, open waste burning and road dust, which are steadily increasing in Chennai despite the presence of land sea breeze.” However, doctors state that if a person’s immunity is well developed, chances of being affected by particulate matter.

Common causing agents
Animal hair


Simple solutions
* Avoid having wall-to-wall carpets if you live in a neighbourhood that generates more dust
* Keep pets off living room
* Using mite-proof sheets on pillows



Bhavani Prabhakar