Don’t use Sharma Park for performing rituals, urge residents

Chennai: Sharma Park situated in Habibullah Road should not be made as a place for performing rituals, appealed residents here. The park is now helpful to number of walkers and also for children of nearby schools to spend their spare time.

Taking up the issue, TR Srinivasan, former president of Habibullah Road Exnora said, “Prior to 2000, the park was only a dumping area and our Exnora movement took up the matter with the then Mayor, MK Stalin who helped to make it a green space.”

He added: “Now, we come to know that the park area will be used for performing rituals and an appeal has been made to construct a platform for the same.”

The green space should not be misused for other activities and it should continue to be useful only for the walkers and children of the area.

NT Bureau