Pasumai Paadhukaapu Sangam formed to restore Kadaperi lake

The present state of Kadaperi Lake.

Chennai: At a time when the locality is faced with acute water shortage, the Kadaperi Lake in Tambaram Sanatorium is brimming with water. But to the disappointment of the residents, the water is so polluted that it cannot be utilised for any purpose.

In an effort to infuse fresh life into the waterbody, Pasumai Paadhukaapu Sangam has been formed to restore the lake and make the water usable.

Former Councillor L R Chezhian, who was instrumental in forming the group, said the Putheri also called as Kadaperi is 65 acres water body.

“Thirty years ago the waterbody was used for irrigation purpose, however due to rapid urbanisation it has become polluted now. It is high time that it is restored so that people do not face water scarcity in the future,” he added.

Members of Pasumai Paadhukaapu Sangam during a recent meeting held at Kadaperi.

Mahonaran, resident of Amar Nagar said the initial works have begun. “We hope that the work will be completed with the support of the people and the government,” he said.

The members of the group recently visited Tambaram Municipality Commissioner and sought permission to carry out the cleaning work in the lake.

Arumugam, a member of the Orchid Arunachala Residents Welfare Association said the lake has been encroached and it has not been desilted for several years which reduced the its depth.
Jambunathan, secretary, Rail Nagar Residents Welfare Association said the wells in the locality have never gone dry. “This year water has completely drained. Restoring the lake will improve the water table,” he added.

NT Bureau